Children Dentistry


Leabank dental Clinic is designed for preventive dentistry for children and adults. Meaning we care to help to maintain for individual’s good oral health. The preventive care we provide is screening for pre-oral cancer checks for the head and neck. Examine the teeth and gum.

Preventive services

We help you maintain good oral health by preventing problems that can occur in your mouth

We perform comprehensive dental exams that include imaging and, if necessary, dental cleaning.

We teach you how to practice good oral hygiene at home so you can maintain a healthy smile


  • Radiographs are taken at the clinic to diagnosis the progression of the teeth decay, identify the bone level and any pathological concerns on the head and neck region.
  • We aim to provide dental care services to dental care from age zero. For children dental care services we have qualified Oral Health therapist that helps to make the child’s dental journey very friendly and successful.
  • The oral health therapist works with the Children to provide the following treatment.
  • Developing a relationship with the child and helps to create a welcoming environment to obtain positive behaviors towards their oral health
  • They treat Dental caries on the baby teeth and the permeant teeth up to 18 years of age.
  • Provide Preventive treatment to children and parents by counseling on a diet and taking care of their teeth and gum.
  • Carries out Pulp therapy for primary teeth.
  • Extraction of teeth in children
  • Management of dental trauma in children
  • Identifies Dental anomalies and orthodontic issues and make a referral to the appropriate dental professionals.
  • They can also help a child identify if a child is having difficulties with speech, language, and swallowing.