Orthodontics Dentistry


Leabank Dental Clinic has dentists specializing in orthodontics, who are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of alterations in position, relationship, function, and shape of dental structures about the bones of the face, taking them to an optimal state of health and aesthetics through the use and control of different types of treatments. We have the most up-to-date treatments tailored to the individual needs of each patient. There are different techniques to perform orthodontics; the professional choice is defined by the professional based on the X-rays, photos, models, and expectations provided by the patient.L

Preventive services

We help you maintain good oral health by preventing problems that can occur in your mouth

We perform comprehensive dental exams that include imaging and, if necessary, dental cleaning.

We teach you how to practice good oral hygiene at home so you can maintain a healthy smile

Types of orthodontic attachments:

Metal brackets: This bracket is the most visible in the mouth; there are different brands and sizes with which other techniques can be worked.

Aesthetic braces: They are transparent, a little less visible in the mouth; they fulfill the same function as metallic ones as long as they are of good quality.

Self-ligating brackets: They can be metallic or aesthetic; they take less treatment time with more widely spaced dental appointments, avoiding the annoying use of elastic ligatures.

Mini screws: these allow faster movements and are used in exceptional cases.

Invisible orthodontics with aligners: A series of transparent plates that move your teeth little by little. Said plates are periodically changing, gradually bringing the teeth to the desired position; in each stage, only the movement of specific teeth is allowed; time is determined by the number of plates required according to the needed movements. They have the advantage that they can be removed to eat, perform dental hygiene, and see the evolution of your treatment. Another advantage is that you can see the result of the treatment virtually, even before you start.